If you're looking for a direct takeaway from the majority of this fall's batch of new network shows, make it this: Tons of talented people being wasted on mediocre-to-terrible material.

Especially on the comedy front, where the two most hopeful series (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Michael J. Fox Show) are doing their best to stay afloat amidst a sea of suck. People may disagree on which new comedy is the worst (most critics have chosen Dads, while I see it as bad-but-not-the-bottom), but really, when you start bickering over which show is the most worthless, you're scratching pictures on asylum walls. Here at IGN, whether something gets a 5, a 4, or even lower, keep in mind that that's all just varying degrees of "don't waste your time." "You're better than this." "Be better than We Are Men." "Be better than Mom." "Don't settle for The Goldbergs." "Or Back in the Game."Read More...


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