A.C.O.D. - Review

Adam Scott has a controlled, almost overly impeccable charisma. Handsome, with small precise facial features, he has a witty, hiply downcast delivery that, on screen, can make him seem like a unit unto himself. As caustically funny and winning as he is, there's something almost preternaturally detached about him, which is why he's so ideally cast inA.C.O.D. (The title stands for ''adult children of divorce.'') Scott plays Carter, who has spent his life trying to crawl out from under the wreckage of his parents' hateful, ugly breakup. In a reaction to their savage bickering, he moves forward with extreme caution, and takes pains to be honorable and upstanding. He owns a restaurant and has a devoted girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as well as a happy blob of a little brother (Clark Duke), whom he helps support. He lives responsibly, without any visible problems. As it turns out, that's his whole problem.

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