Parenthood Season 5 “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard” Review

Previously on Parenthood . . .
the Braverman family was getting off to an exciting start of this season. Kristina is running for mayor, Max is developing an interest in taking pictures of subjects other than bugs, Jasmine and Crosby welcomed their daughter Aida to the family, Joel continues to thrive professionally, and oh yeah, Amber and Ryan got engaged!

With change comes adjustment and that’s where we found many of our favorite characters last night. Jabbar was adjusting to being a big brother and growing comfortable sharing his parent’s attention with his little sister. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Crosby were adjusting to a sleep deprived life. Although things got even worse as the family tried the brave feat of dining out with Aida, it was totally worth the jam session with Crosby and Jabbar at the Lunchonette. I love the bonding moments between those two.



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