Homeland 3.02 “Uh…Oh…Ah…” Review: You’ve Got A Friend In Quinn

While we’re only two episodes into Homeland’s third season, one aspect about this season that I can say that I love and admire more than any part of the first two seasons of Homeland is that this year is pushing the emotional boundaries of characters’ relationships, specifically between Carrie and Saul and Dana and Jessica. After last night’s episode, “Uh…Oh…Ah…” (I don’t even know where to begin with how awful of a title that is), we see how shattered the friendship between Carrie and Saul now is because of the extreme nature of his actions, while we also see that, through that perfectly acted scene in the Brodys’ bathroom, Dana and Jessica may have found a new understanding with one another, replacing their constant and typical bickering. Even though we’ve spent over two years with these people already, Homeland is finding new ways to make these relationships fresh by forcing its characters to make some impossible decisions in very difficult situations.




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