Glee 5.02 “Tina In the Sky With Diamonds” Review: How To “Get Back”

Before I start this review, I want put out a quick disclaimer: Glee used to be my favorite show on television. During seasons one, two, three, and even four of the series, I looked forward to Glee every week more than any other show on TV. Glee was not flawless by any means (even the highly regarded season one, which I call one of my favorite seasons of television ever, has numerous issues with it), but through its run, and especially in its first three seasons, it was still able to connect with me better emotionally than any other show out there. What I loved about Glee, no matter how ridiculous the plots became or how preachy some of its messages could be, was that I could relate to its characters. They all possessed emotional resonance, and I always connected with Rachel, Kurt, and Finn because their struggles, no matter how outlandish they could appear, always felt genuine and unique.

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