'Grey's Anatomy' recap: No Mercy in the West

Only on Grey's Anatomy can you get a philosophical explanation of a playground game, a thumping rap song (Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools") in the background as a lady dies on a table, and a hearty helping of existential dread to finish off the hour. "You can cry 'Mercy!" all you want," explained ye olde Meredith Grey's voiceover. "But nobody's listening. It's just you, screaming, into a void."

Agggggggh! So angsty! But she's right! I'm surrounded by death, yet I feel so alive!

Gotta love it.

We're not kids anymore, said the Voice of Mer, so the simple rules of Mercy no longer apply (not to mention the hospital is simply not named that anymore). Just because someone says "Stop" don't necessarily mean the other grown-up kid will comply. It's not a game anymore, after all. It's a pretend hospital.

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