'The Vampire Diaries' season premiere recap: The College Years Begin

We've been told The Vampire Diaries would feel like a new show this year as Elena and Caroline went to college and Silas and the mysterious Nadia wreaked havoc in Mystic Falls. And it does. But it also feels like oldTVD, which is even better. I didn't have to rewind a scene to follow the additions to the mythology, and even though heavy things are still happening, there's not the weight of sadness emanating from our TVs (let's keep Elena happy and close to Caroline). Also, as much as I love my Originals, I didn't miss them here. And doesn't it feel like we're getting the Scrappy Gang back (how I referred to the show's ensemble in the early days -- a nod toBuffy's Scooby Gang)? Let's dig in.




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