'Homeland' recap: Sitting Duck

After Saul threw Carrie under the bus last week, I figured there'd be no way Carrie would let him get away with it this week. I could just see it -- Carrie banging down Saul's front door, confronting him, tears streaming down hercryface, insisting he take her side -- because a showdown between the show's two major players (save for a missing Brody, of course)had to be inevitable. Instead, we don't get a moment between the protege and her mentor until the final minute of tonight's episode, "Uh...Oh...Aw." And that intense frustration -- for us, as an audience aching to see them duke it out, and for Carrie, as a burned agent intent on convincing someone, anyone, with her side of the story -- propelled this latest hour of Homeland.




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