HOMELAND Recap: “Uh … Oh … Ah …”


Homeland started its second season with a focus on Carrie’s mental health and her emotional deterioration.  Without the CIA, she didn’t want to live.  That fact is what made her betrayal of the agency and loyalty to Brody so confusing.  She and Brody had a sexual connection, sure, but would he really be able to keep up with her for the long haul?  Was the relationship really worth her losing the thing she actually wanted to die over?  Brody is gone and Carrie isn’t stable, but she’s not where she was last season.  But, this year again focuses on her trials battling mental illness and also its stigma.  The way to “deal” with Carrie is to have her unwillingly committed to a psych ward, it seems.  It was brutal watching her realizing that not even her family was on her side.  However, Peter Quinn is — and that’s something.  Hit the jump for more.



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