'Downton Abbey' Season 4 episode 3 spoilers: Horror comes to the servants hall

The latest episode of "Downton Abbey" left us feeling just sick -- be warned, spoilers ahead. Don't keep reading if you don't want to know what has happened. DownstairsOver a dozen guests have arrived for a house party, bringing with them their various maids and valets. Lord Gillingham's valet Mr. Green takes a liking to Anna, but when she rebuffs his advances, he beats and rapes her in the servants hall while everyone else is upstairs listening to the singer perform. It's a hard scene to watch, as the juxtaposition of the crime with the music is both unsettling and tragic. What's even worse is Anna begging Mrs. Hughes not to tell anyone, for fear of what will happen to Mr. Bates when (not if) he goes after Mr. Green. Joanne Froggatt really knocks it out of the park -- we were crying right along with her. In other downstairs happenings, Mrs. Patmore has a...



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