'Once Upon a Time' 'Lost Girl': Let's make a deal

The theme of "Once Upon a Time" this week is admitting/realizing who you truly are, with a nice parallel of Snow White's previous life in the Enchanted Forest with Emma's life in the dark jungle of Neverland.NeverlandThe band of heroes, minus Mr. Gold, sets off to find Henry. Emma is soon approached by Peter Pan, offering her a deal -- he'll give her a map to find Henry, but it'll only work once she admits what she truly is. When she can't, Regina tires of the waiting around and uses magic to make the map take them to Pan. He disapproves of them "cheating" at his game, so the Lost Boys attack and Emma loses her nerve when she has one pinned down.In a lovely and heartbreaking scene between Emma and her mother, Emma admits she sees herself in those boys' faces -- a lost girl, an orphan. That's who she truly is and the...



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