Recorder And Randsell Episode #04 Anime Review

After focusing a bit on Atsumi, this episode of Recorder and Randsell focuses on Atsumi to awkward effect. While dealing with Atsumi and her short nature is something that can be dealt with easily, there’ something more uncomfortable for people in dealing with a student that’s either as tall as them or taller and looks like a healthy twenty-something adult. It’s certainly not Atsushi’s fault that he’s this way and most of the time he doesn’t even realize things, nor does most of his friends. With the female teacher they have that transferred recently, from an all girls school no less, his actions just freak her out on a regular basis. Which is definitely awkward when it comes to him changing in the classroom with others and being just as outgoing as he always is. And similar to what happened to him ant Atsumi before, he can’t walk with girls his own age because he’s viewed as a real threat or predator. They’re playing it for laughs but there’s such an edge of sadness to his stories that’s just uncomfortable.



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