Recorder And Randsell Episode #06 Anime Review

While we’ve seen mostly the negative side to Atsushi’s problem of being a child in a man’s body, there are some good sides to it as well. With Valentine’s Day here, he’s the ideal handsome older man that the girls all pin their dreams on in a very child-like way with crushes and the like. So he tends to rake in the candy like crazy, which drives his sister nuts since he really does love chocolate and it causes a lot of problems. Thankfully for her, she has some distractions with her own friends in making chocolates to give which is simple and cute and continues to pain the normal life that Atsumi lives. She does her best to help him though and to take care of him in a lot of ways, especially since it seems like there are no parents involved here at all and she has a strong motherly role when it comes to him.



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