Recorder And Randsell Episode #07 Anime Review

Things do move in an amusing direction for this episode as it deals with something that I realized hasn’t been covered. While Atsumi has handled things well with friends in school who have grown up with her being short, she’s managed to keep Atsushi from seeing too many of those friends. When she wins a trio of tickets to a romance movie, he begs her to go since it’s a fun time out regardless of the movie and she brings Sayo along to fill out the group. Sayo expects two short people since Atsushi is the younger brother, but when she meets him she can’t really understand it to some degree and just views him as incredibly handsome and desirable. She doesn’t really get it that he is younger, by quite a few years, and won’t understand anything she has when it comes to being interested in him. Which does make you wonder just how dangerous he can be when he’s just a few years older and more aware of such things.



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