Recorder And Randsell Episode #08 Anime Review

Atsushi’s problems are definitely pretty bad to deal with when you get down to it and you have to feel bad for Atsumi as she has to put out the various fires as best as she can. And most of the time it’s after the fact so it’s hard for her to be preemptive like she needs to be. So when Atsushi is invited over by his classmate Hina to a doll festival, she can help him at least dress relatively well, especially compared to what he picks out at first. Of course, he’s such a kid that no matter what he wears he’s going to look off as an adult. And with so many others not aware of his problem, and kids not really bringing it up to their parents, it’s always a shock when he ends up meeting them as they just think it’s pervert time. It’s really a surprise that every episode doesn’t end with the cops dragging him off somewhere.



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