Recorder And Randsell Episode #09 Anime Review

One thing the series hasn’t really had, and it’s not a surprise considering its runtime, is a supporting cast. While we get a few friends here and there, there’s not much in the way of actual adults. This episode gives a bit of focus to the neighbor friend Takeni who has lost his job. He’s been close to Atsushi and Atsumi for years, having taken care of Atsushi a bit when he was little. He’s quite his most recen tjob after breaking up with his girlfriend since he doesn’t want to run into her there. The other two are helping him out a bit, spending time with him and comforting him, but neither can really understand why he did what he did. Atsushi is obviously young enough not to get it, but Atsumi has some mild conflict over it since she looks up to him and can’t believe he went this route. Takeni is, unfortunately, sometimes more of a kid that Atsushi is.



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