Recorder And Randsell Episode #10 Anime Review

With the way guys make out so well when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I do like that they get to deal with White Day and return the favor when you get down to it. It is a problem for Atsushi though since he ended up with so many chocolates back on Valentine’s and that means he has to do a heck of a lot in return. Luckily, he’s got Atsumi to help and the two of them are able to put together a number of good looking and appealing cookie bags for the girls. The one girl he really wants to make sure is taken care of though is Hina as he goes the extra distance to get her a gift. Not that he thinks it through in a way as it’s not something that a girl (or at least Hina) would want or even recognize what it is. On the positive side, Atsushi didn’t get picked up for trying to bribe girls for sweets in the streets this time around.



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