Recorder And Randsell Episode #12 Anime Review

With the season finale of Recorder and Randsell, which will have no gap before it goe sinto its second season, it’s again focused on Atsushi as he deals with his school life. Things are certainly complicated there in general but it’s even more so when he gets involved with the traffic safety side that has come up as part of a school event. While outside dealing with some of the officers running it, he does everyhting he’s supposed to do but the cute young woman running one of the points feels like he’s coming onto her and simply panics. Naturally, that goes bad and things go even worse again in a hugely predictable way the next day when he’s with Hina as nobody amongst the normals can understand his condition, making it easier to arrest him on a regular basis. It’s a cute gag the first time it hit but they use it so often in such a short span of time that it loses its effectiveness.



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