Recorder And Randsell Episode #13 Anime Review

With no break between “seasons”, Recorder and Randsell gets underway with its second here and it keeps things much as we saw it before with its three minute runtime and the simplicity of it all. This one gives us a special time of year as the pair end up in the park for a cherry blossom viewing event with lots of vendors, plenty of trees and lots of petals floating all around. Considering how basic the series looked before, this feels like a huge visual upgrade as it has detailed backgrounds and more movement than before. The two siblings continue to be cute together as they check out the place and you have Atsushi getting into a bit of trouble with his teacher as well, since she’s so grabby even though she knows the reality behind his situation. A little sake goes a long way with her. The episode gets surprisingly smutty for its level but there are some cute moments to it in a very understated way here.



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