Recorder And Randsell Episode #14 Anime Review

The new school semester is a tough time for both members of this little family, though at least Atsumi has the potential to be able to understand it. For Atsushi, his height has the new students in the school thinking he’s a teacher, which has them accosting him pretty hard. Of course, the kids also view him in other ways as well which makes a certain female teacher uncomfortable. Having all the little kids around him while wearing their hats is just adorable, but you wish that Atsushi was more capable in dealing with it considering his age. Atsumi doesn’t make out much better overall either though as all the new students that have come into the school are surprised by her height and think she’s some genius grade schooler who has manipulated the system to be where she is now. She has friends that are willing to help, but as is the case it usually leads to things going even worse for her in the end.

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