Recorder And Randsell Episode #15 Anime Review

Atsushi’s growth over the years certainly has to be problematic in many ways, and we’ve seen a few of them over its run so far that have been okay at best and often just creepy at worst. This episode gives us Atsushi dealing with a problem that makes sense mentally and control wise as he’s got a bike like all the other kids, but his adult bike has training wheels attached to it. Even the other kids his age don’t have that. The problem comes in how do you teach someone nearly twice your height how to ride a bike? Peer pressure is the key since he wants to impress Hina who can’t believe that he still has training wheels. Sadly, as cute as this could be with all the damage, it’s cheaped out on by being done almost entirely off screen. You do have to feel for Atsushi as he goes through this though since he desperately wants to be like everyone else and many times can’t seem to understand why he’s different.



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