Recorder And Randsell Episode #16 Anime Review

While there is some age difference between the two siblings, both are still essentially kids and that means they’re regularly questioned at different times and points in their lives about what it is they want to be when they become adults. For Atsumi, she has some varied interests in what she wants to be but they all involve uniforms, which will definitely be an allure to the fetishists when she hits a certain age and can get out there. But because she’s all over the place, she has to choose the right kind of college and to start narrowing it down. For Atsumi, he’s initially into the idea of working for a game company like most kids are as that’s where their interests lie, if it’s not something like firefighter, police officer or sports superstar. Sadly, when it comes to asking for help from the adults they know, such as their neighbor Take, the kinds of suggestions they might get would be, shall we say, inappropriate. Comical and wrong to be sure.



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