Recorder And Randsell Episode #19 Anime Review

While people with different abilities and problems are all encouraged to work together in sports day events and other school functions so as to not make them feel left out, you have to grimace a little when it comes to what Atsushi has to deal with because of his height. He can easily win almost every event just by his different physical capabilities, though his mentality could slow him down a bit on the flip side. Amusingly, he does try to get his parents to help out but both of them fake injuries in order to get out of it, proving they’re going to have a minimal impact on the series. Instead, Atsumi gets caught up in it and has to help out, not that she’s going to offer much help overall. This one is a continued story, which is rare for this series, but just seeing some of the sports events is more fun than I would have expected.



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