Recorder And Randsell Episode #20 Anime Review

With the sports day getting underway before for Atsushi and Atsumi being the one in the family that ends up roped into it since their parents excused themselves in comical fashion, it’s now at the stage where Atsumi is going to get involved with some of the events. But before that, Atsushi has to get excited about Take being there since he knows he’s running a shaved ice cart and there’s all sorts of fun to have that. Of course, Take is an ass as usual and takes advantage of Atsushi, getting him to run the cart for a bit. Which leads to its own complications with Atsumi’s friend Sayo showing up there and just being all happily girly about seeing Atsushi again. Not surprisingly, the events are kept short here but we do have some fun with their size issues coming into play in an obvious way.

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