Recorder And Randsell Episode #21 Anime Review

The sports festival has been amusing to watch, but there’s also the fallout from it as Sayo has started to figure out what it is that’s going on. She really should have learned about it before but it’s the kind of misunderstanding that is the only reason this series survives in general. It’s hard to imagine that Atsumi and Sayo could be friends for even awhile without Atsumi bringing it up as just something to be aware of should they get together outside of school, which they’ve done several times in the show. When she learns the truth here, it’s pretty amusing to watch her just try and take it in while being in a bit of a state of shock. She wasn’t too invested in Atsushi of course, but it makes her question things and she’s not sure about what the proper way to react to it is. The show plays things kind of straight here with very little real comedy, but there are a few smiles to be had.




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