Recorder And Randsell Episode #24 Anime Review

Sometimes you can say something heartfelt to someone else that in turn could be viewed as less than ideal to hear. After all these episodes, it’s hard to say how troubled Atsumi is by her height and appearance since she, like Atushi, don’t really say that much about it. And unlike Atsushi, she doesn’t get into as much trouble because of it like he does. That changes a little here since there’s a moment at school where she’s thought to be really young again and Sayo plays up that whole little sister angle since it’s something that she always wanted. Cutely enough, Atsushi does let Sayo play it up and the two spend time together in some rather adorable ways, making it probably one of the more enjoyable episodes of the series so far. The two are good friends and really, Sayo is lucky Atsumi didn’t get all offended by it.

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