Recorder And Randsell Episode #26 Anime Review

With the final episode of the series, Recorder and Randsell goes for some familiar material here as we get the kids having to deal with the issue of Atsushi’s height. You really do have to feel bad for him, such as the jump rope bit at the start where he can’t actually do it well or with a sense of fun. Atsumi has had far less issues overall and even the time it could go bad, with Sayo treating her as a little sister, was more fun than anything else. Sayo had some awkward moments with Atsushi over the series as well and she’s hit with it even more at the end here, as fun as it is. The show also does something a little different here at its end as the gang goes out for a meal together, but even that’s short lived in a series with tiny episodes. What made me the saddest though is that the show really does basically end its run with another sequence of Atsumi being thrown into a police car for holding his sister up in the air. The cops are on such a hair trigger response that it just bugs the hell out of me.

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