Recorder And Randsell Mi Episode #01 Anime Review

Preceded by an episode 0 special that brings the voice actor for Atsushi and the director together for a bit for a brief Q&A session, Recorder and Randsell is back for more. Having completed twenty-six strange episodes before, I was certainly surprised that the show got the green light for more. There are changes afoot here though, with a new style for the animation that doesn’t look as cheap and plain as before, and some story tweaks as well as the first episode actually starts at the police station as they make it clear that some of the newer officers just don’t get the problem and keep making the mistake. That has one of the female officers doing her best to help by showing him around and trying to explain it to the other officers. Atsushi gets most of the focus here between that and some time spent with the other kids in his class, which has them running into one of their teachers as well while causing trouble.



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