Recorder And Randsell Mi Episode #03 Anime Review

The focus in the first couple of episodes has been on Atsushi and then with Sayo, which works yet obviously gets a bit creepy. Poor Atsumi has gotten less screen time than normal here, but that changes up a bit here as we get introduced to another small person in the same grade as her that looks like an elementary student just as she does. That has the two of them at odds from the start since they get lumped together, and are pretty adorable in their own right with this kind of pairing, and it just leads to a lot of tension between them. Amusingly, Yoshioka shows himself here and continues to express his interest in Atsumi, which of course fits in with his mindset of really being interested in young looking girls and a craving for the illegal. Which is just disturbing, but at least the possibility of Atsumi would make it legal, though not any less creepy.



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