Recorder And Randsell Mi Episode #06 Anime Review

The series has focused largely on Atsushi for this season so far, but this episode provides a bit more time for Atsumi, which is welcome. It also brings their neighbor Take back into play, the first time in awhile, as he’s off to his 100th interview. His playboy style with women continues to be amusing, but since he often fools around with coworkers, it keeps him from employment for long. We get to see him working his new part time cafe gig where women are few and there’s some banter between him and the manager and Atsumi as well as the manager wonders why the two of them have never dated. It’s a bit odd having him suggest he date a high school girl, but that’s most guys fantasies anyway and a bit more common in anime as well, but it just makes for some great and comical reactions on both their parts.



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