The Good Wife Recap: You Can Thank Edward Snowden

Frick and Frack: The episode kicks off with us meeting these two delightful additions to the The Good Wife universe. Who knew the NSA could be so adorable? They wear terrible Big Bang Theory shirts! They watch goat videos! They care deeply about what Alicia will be wearing to the inaugural! So, in short: NSA techs, they’re just like us. Following the Danny Marwat case of two years ago, these two spindly gents were tasked with listening in on Diane Lockhart and Alicia Florrick. When they find out that Lockhart/Gardner is suing the NSA and then their boss finds out Alicia is the wife of the governor-elect, Frick and Frack are required to find a more recent terrorist connection in order to keep their surveillance viable. Thank heavens, Zach Florrick has a convenient Somali ex-girlfriend who leaves conveniently vague messages on his landline. I hope this NSA investigation winds up being a season-long arc and we get a whole lot more from Frick and Frack. (Particularly Zach Woods, who was so boring on The Office and so tremendous here and on Veep). I’m not sure I fancied the evocatively ethnic ululation soundtrack that accompanied most of their scenes, but I did enjoy the recorded-phone-conversation shots. It was like an episode of The Wire. Only, you know, wacky.  Read More....


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