'How I Met Your Mother' - 'The Broken Code': The best man is on it

What's on screen Monday (Oct. 7) on "How I Met Your Mother" works reasonably well -- at least the main story involving Ted, Barney and the Bro Code. It also speaks to both the advantage and some of the pitfalls of telling a story in real-ish time.On the upside, Barney's dramatic "I saw you and Robin at the carousel" delivery at the end of last week's episode has to pay off pretty quickly. That's a good thing. Feelings may swing back and forth again over the course of the season/wedding weekend -- and given the flash-forwarded cold feet from past seasons, chances are they will -- but having Ted and Barney talk it out now is far better than trying to write around it for several episodes/hours. Marshall's e-lawyering, the Bro Code discussion involving Ted's mom and the "Weekend at Bernie's" shout-outs were nice touches as well.On the other hand, telling a story in this...



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