How I Met Your Mother Review: Accept the Comfort

With just two days until the wedding, Ted found himself in an awkward position, as he tried to explain to Barney why he was seen holding Robin's hand back at the carousel. Despite the tense air surrounding the two long time friends, "The Broken Code" delivered the best How I Met Your Mother episode of the season. 

Barney and Ted shared a good cry over the broken bottle of scotch, yet behind those tears lay Barney's bubbled resentment. If it wasn't clear how Barney was feeling after the first time he asked Ted to redo the table cards, it should have been pretty obvious after the second and third requests. Barney's "hey buddy" was reminiscent of Bill Lumbergh's "Hey Peter what's happening" fromOffice Space. The parallel was furthered when Barney asked Ted to give up his room for the folding cot in the basement. A move which brought to mind Milton Waddams being asked to move his desk down to the storage room.

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