Hart of Dixie 3.01 “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” Review

The third season kicked off with Zoe Hart back in New York City, similar to how the series started but she has clearly been changed by the small town of Bluebell these last two years.  Zoe is awoken from a dream of the Bluebell Founder’s Day parade, only to be called back to work in the busy emergency room.  Five months have passed, and it seems that Zoe is planning on staying in the Big Apple.  Her new boyfriend, Joel, visits her and we learn that the only obstacle standing in their way of getting a fancy new apartment is a reference letter from Brick, Zoe’s partner at the medical practice in Bluebell.

Of course Zoe goes back to Bluebell with the intention of just getting her letter signed and heading back just as soon as Founder’s Day is over.  Of course she ends up staying there by the end of the episode, because this show as we know it wouldn’t exist if the main character stayed in a big city.  The best part of the episode was seeing the Southern charm of the wonderfully quirky town of Bluebell back in action.  I love this town, almost as much as Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.  Fun fact: they even film on the same WB studio lot as Gilmore Girls!




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