How I Met Your Mother 9.04 Review: “The Broken Code”

Poor Ted (Josh Radnor).  It seems like for the last nine years, the guy can never catch a break.  I consider myself the “Ted” among my group of friends, so I feel his pain.  In the opening of the latest How I Met Your Mother episode entitled, “The Broken Code,” Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) informs Ted he saw him and Robin (Cobie Smulders) holding hands by the carousel a mere week before the wedding.  Ted quickly insists that he was only holding Robin’s hand because she was sad about misplacing her locket.  Barney brushes it off, but not for long.

Barney knows that Ted will do anything to please him during the wedding weekend, since he is the best man.  Barney forces Ted to give up his hotel room and sleep in the boiler room, take care of the wedding doves, and do the artwork for the table cards.  Ted is also planning the “Best-Man” poker game.  When Ted finished all the tasks, he visits Barney’s hotel room.  He finds the poker game already in play with Tim Gunn and The Karate Kid’s Billy Zabka being dealt in.  Billy is also sporting Ted’s Best Man hat.



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