Day Break Illusion Episode #10 Anime Review

With only a few episodes left, it’s not surprising that this series is trying to be as intense as possible. Luna comes to fight as a Daemonia, and Seira is perfectly fine with going all out to destroy her, just like any other. However, Luna has the upper hand, and in the end only Akari is left to stop her, the one person who doesn’t want to harm Luna in any way. Not surprising whatsoever, Luna does still have some of her humanity intact, which further serves to keep Akari from fighting her, but also makes the possibility of her being the first Daemonia to be brought back much more likely. Their bond is hardly a significant sign of hope, though, as everything else is going as horribly as possible. Along with the one person willing to fight unable to do so, Cerebrum has gotten his politician puppet to convince a ridiculously gullible public that this tarot school is home to a bunch of witches who are creating all the problems and so of course they all form an angry mob and burn the place to the ground. That seems pretty realistic, right?



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