Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Lost Girl”

There was a clear theme in “Lost Girl” for Emma, Snow and Rumplestiltskin: there is power in accepting who you are.

While I have seen enough Snow vs. Regina fairybacks to last me several lifetimes, I appreciated that this week’s at least brought us to one of the show’s most heartbreaking and honest moments. For a show built around fairy tales, Once Upon a Time often fails to appreciate the underlying horror and sadness within the stories that create the magical world the characters inhabit. It nods to the ideas, but it rarely captures them as unflinchingly as it did when Snow used her past experience of accepting that she was more than a girl who was afraid of being alone, she was a leader, to help her daughter recognize the exact opposite, that she is deep down still a lost girl, an orphan wishing her parents would come for her, but that she doesn’t have to be forever.




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