Boardwalk Empire Season 4 “Erlkonig” Review

Oh, Eddie. I had a feeling that this would be his last season on Boardwalk Empire. I was so happy to see him survive being shot last season, but when he pushed Nucky for a promotion I suspected things would not end well. It wasn’t only that Eddie died, but it was how he died that made the situation difficult to watch. In just two episodes, Eddie went from top of the world to out of a window. Geesh.

Despite being one of the few people who remained loyal to Nucky over the last three seasons ofBoardwalk Empire, that loyalty did not earn him a friend in Nucky. In fact, not only was Eddie alone here in the states, he was also holding on to a secret shame that cost him his family. The ominous feeling I had about Eddie at the time of his promotion was fully confirmed last night as we finally got some long overdue character development. Boardwalk Empire fans will recall that right before we lost Jimmy, we got a disturbing glimpse into his college days and the series of incestuous events that compelled him to join the military. This is now becoming a bit of a pet peeve with the show. Getting into a character’s back story should not be a sign of death!



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