Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Ann Arbor; Surrender”

And so ends the first season of Low Winter Sun. In the two part finale “Ann Arbor; Surrender,” the investigation into McCann’s murder finally came to a close, as did Damon’s battle with Skelos. Unfortunately, while there were few plot threads left dangling, there was also very little in the way of satisfying plot development as well.

Though they were aired in a two-hour block, these were definitely two separate episodes, with the first hour dedicated entirely to the crumbling mental health of Agnew. Early in the episode, I was wondering if Agnew’s behavior was too over-the-top, particularly when he blew up in the bank scene. However, as things went forward, it became clear that Agnew might just be certifiably insane. In fact, when he visited his ex-wife’s house, there was a moment where I thought she could instead be his former therapist.




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