Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “The Lesser Key of Solomon”

There’s nothing like watching Sleepy Hollow while a thunderstorm (complete with lightening) rages outside. It provides the perfect atmosphere for spooky television viewing. This episode picked up right where the last one left off. Jenny had escaped from the mental institution and Abbie was trying to track her down before the police found her. Ichabod and Abbie’s search for Jenny led them to Sheriff Corbin’s cabin where they found Jenny and a map. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones looking for the map. Modern day Hessian soldiers were shooting and stabbing their way through Sleepy Hollow looking for the map too. What’s so special about this map, you ask? According to the Hessian soldier Ichabod and Co. captured, the map would point them to a chest lost during the Revolutionary War. The chest contained the Lesser Key of Solomon. According to mythology, The Lesser Key of Solomon is a book of detailed descriptions of spirits and the conjurations needed to control them and force them to do the will of the conjurer. The Hessians wanted to use the Lesser Key of Solomon as a key to open a doorway to Hell. When that doorway opened, 72 demons would be released into the world. Great. Just great. Ichabod and Co. arrived just in time to find the Hessians had opened the door, but thanks to some quick thinking and even quicker shooting, the heroes were able to close the door before any of the demons got out. Yay for the good guys. Our heroes didn’t get to celebrate too long though.



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