Castle Season 6 Review “Need to Know”

Well, it might have taken them two episodes to get there, but on the latest “Castle,” they finally got the band back together. Sort of. In “Need to Know,” a restless Castle inserted himself into the NYCPD’s latest case, the death of a former child star at a construction site, who was having decidedly less fun than Miley and fell off the building and got himself impaled on a big old hook. Ouch!

Just as Castle was starting to do his thing, enter Beckett and partner McCord (a returning Lisa Edelstein), to oversee the case on behalf of the FBI. Needless to say, this led to some friction between her old crew and her new one, which did not end well overall- except maybe for fans, that is. If the twists in last week’s case were clever but the overall feel of the show as fans know it was off, this week was the polar opposite- the chemistry was back in spades (as well as the show’s trademark wisecracking humor), but the case wasn’t particularly involving.



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