The Blacklist Season 1 Review “Wujing”

Secrets are a large part of many television shows. Characters can have secret motivations, secret lives, or even be on double secret probation. Secrets are teased, float aimlessly in the background or come crashing through characters’ lives like a meteor. Whatever secrets a show may have, sharing them with the audience becomes a constant inner conflict. A show that constantly teases an audience with a secret can see it become quite tiresome. It can ruin the reveal when it finally does happen if you’ve annoyed the audience with it for too long without solid answers. On the flip side, giving away all your secrets could be the death nail for the show if you don’t have anything interesting to back it up. It’s a delicate tightrope to walk, and with 22 episodes to fill in a network television season, a show has some hard choices to make surrounding the timing of long standing arcs.



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