Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Review “Who Am I?”

To say we ended the first season of Beauty and the Beast on a cliffhanger is a bit of an understatement but, not only was Catherine unable to save Vincent in the finale, ‘Who Am I?’ picks up months after the events that left fans on the edge of their seats. Catherine and JT have been searching for Vincent over the summer break, with no luck, and the strain is causing both of them to neglect the other parts of their lives.

As often happens in series that have come in for a little early criticism, a few small but major changes have been made. For one, Catherine’s dad has died, which is a surprise, and Joe has been fired for his tunnel vision quest to find his brother’s killer. Both characters are written out quite abruptly, but then Joe never really was anyone’s favourite person. It leaves Tess open to her very own love triangle, with Gabe and JT both appearing as viable suitors for season two.



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