The Originals Season 1 Review “House of the Rising Son”

After the largely inconsequential debut episode, in which “The Originals” basically recapped everything we already knew before dropping a fairly eye-opening twist via Elijah’s being daggered into hibernation, the show proper kicked into action with the amusingly-titled “House of the Rising Son.”This time around, we got some juicy plot machinations that showed there was more going on than met the eye in the opener. It turns out there’s a method to Klaus’ considerable madness.

As with “The Vampire Diaries,” I always love a good flashback, and this had a solid one, in which it chronicled how Klaus and Marcel became a thing in the first place. Though the revelation that Klaus “named” Marcel was a bit iffy, I did like the fact that what drew them to each other was that Marcel was rabble-rousing against the Man long before that sort of thing was fashionable, gaining Klaus’ respect at a time in which hardly anyone did, leading Elijah to admit there might be hope for him yet. Um, not.



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