The Tomorrow People Series Premiere Review “Pilot”

It’s really dangerous to get as excited for a show as I’ve been for The Tomorrow People because you build your expectations up so high that the show could never actually meet them. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with this show. It met, and in some cases even exceeded, my expectations.

A series premiere always has a lot of heavy lifting to do in that it has to establish who the characters are, lay out some of their relationship beats, and set the stage for the season-long character arcs. That is no easy task to accomplish in roughly forty-two minutes, but The Tomorrow People did it pretty well. The episode opens by introducing us to Stephen Jamison. He’s a pretty normal kid until all of a sudden strange things start happening to him. Among them, he hears a woman’s sultry voice in his head and he sleepwalks. On several occasions he’s found himself in his neighbor’s house and woke up in their bed. Awkward.



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