Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “One Armed Dude and Three Moms”

The first wonderfully Colton-free episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water aired tonight with the hugely entertaining and hilariously titled “One Armed Dude and Three Moms”. It seems that Jeff still isn’t over Colton quitting for the second time, as even his voice over rakes him over the coals. While part of me really doesn’t want to give any more thought to Colton, I’d be totally happy with Jeff starting out the episode by insulting him every week.

We had somewhat of a different opening to this week’s installment, as we actually had all of the remaining players arrive at the dual before the credits rolled. Apparently they wanted to squeeze as much drama out of the pre-Dual scene as possible, as John and Candace go crazy on Monica and Brad. When John and Candace bump Marisa from the game officially, Monica ended up burning the clue that John gives her (at Brad’s request). I rewound this scene to see if she was already getting up to burn it before Brad said anything, but it sure looked like she was just doing what her husband told her to do.



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