American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 Review “Bitchcraft”

Things got off to a rousing start with the latest season of “American Horror Story,” this one subtitled“Coven.” On the season premiere, the amusingly-titled “Bitchcraft,” we met the main players and they were a promising lot. Basically, the series revolves around a Hogwarts-type school for witches called “Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.” (Perhaps, needless to say, the show made the Harry Potter reference to get that whole potential criticism out of the way early.)

Our way in was through a new recruit, Zoe, played by the returning Taissa Farmiga (what a lovely name!), back for the first time since the first season. Possessed of a “Rogue”-like ability to kill any man that tries to have sex with her, she’s sent there to curb her ability, or at least learn how to control it. We’ve also got Nan (Jamie Brewer, also making her first return appearance since Season One), a clairvoyant; Queenie (“Precious”-star Gabourey Sidibe), a “human Voodoo doll” in her own words; and former movie star Madison (Emma Roberts, of “Scream 4” fame), who has telekinetic abilities, a la“Carrie.” Rounding out the gang is headmistress Cordelia “Delia” Foxx- another great name!- played by three-timer Sarah Paulson, who I just adore and totally should have won that Emmy for her work last season; and as her mother and the reigning “Supreme” witch, Fiona, fellow returnee Jessica Lange, already in full scenery-chewing mode.



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