KINMOZA Episode #06 Anime Review

Summer’s in full force in Japan and the girls are about to go on summer break. But they can’t seem to decide on where to go. Yoko and Karen play cards to decide and when Yoko wins, Karen gets depressed. Yoko concedes to go to the mountains to please Karen. Karen shows up in a giant camper, and everyone is off to the mountains.

Everyone runs into a few problems once they reach the mountain stream. First off, Alice is a little jealous of Karen’s fishing abilities and Shino’s paying more attention to Karen as a result. Next, Aya’s a little self-conscious about her cooking, especially after Yoko says it tastes like her mother’s. Then, Shino falls into the water after slipping on a rock. When Alice tries to help her, she runs into everyone else and they fall in too. As it turns out, they had a day at the beach anyway, sort of.



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