KINMOZA Episode #07 Anime Review

The girls have PE, but Alice forgot her PE clothes. She borrows a jersey from the teacher and shorts from Shino, but its fall, which means it’s cold. But as it turns out, Aya and Alice aren’t good at PE and struggle to keep up with Shino, who has a ton of stamina, and Yoko, who’s good at athletics.

Come lunch time, Karen comes in with a bunch of snacks. Alice points out how she might have been putting on weight since coming to Japan. And here’s the problem with this: These girls were created to be the perfect image of Japanese high school girls and they all look super cute and to be about 100 pounds. Yet everyone is so worried about their weight for some reason. There’s a really stupid stigma where you have to be thinner than a stick, and anime shouldn’t be pushing this unrealistic ideal onto the girls who may (but probably aren’t in the majority of people) watching shows like this.



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