KINMOZA Episode #10 Anime Review

The first bit focuses on the teacher, Karasuma-sensei, which was unexpected to say the least. The show has been all about the girls and any other character has been tertiary at best in terms of focus. But I don’t really try that hard to predict things about this show. But it’s a nice diversion to see the cute, clumsy antics of the teacher instead of the cute, clumsy antics of the girls. Shows like this shine when they’re at least trying to do something even slightly different, and this was slightly different enough to be pretty cool. It’s interesting to see things from a teacher’s point of view.

Alice’s jealous side shows again when she sort of stalking the teacher. I mean, it’s not really stalking, but it’s that kind of anime stalking when the camera cuts to Alice staring at the teacher whenever she’s saying anything to Shinobu. Like all things in lightweight shows like this, it’s resolved with no problems and little conflict. It was kind of creepy that the teacher named her rabbit after Alice, though. She should have said Alice in Wonderland, which is what I expected.



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